What We Do

What We Do

Supporting people with Intellectual and cognitive disabilities and young people at risk to get the most out of their lives can mean different things to different people.

At CLA we manage a number of programs and also support and sponsor projects operated by our affiliates. This helps us provide a diverse range of services, support mechanisms and opportunities to our constituents and further strengthens our links with the broader community.

Importantly, it enables us to be adaptive in finding the best way to support our constituents reach their goals and realise their dreams. This can include, but is by no means exhaustive:

  • Setting up a business, such as a painting or mowing business. Listen to Aaron share his biscuit making business story on the 1000 voices website.
  • Producing poetry. Hear Charlie read her own poems on the 1000 voices website.
  • Become a member of a workers’ co-operative, for example, working in a co-operative café, as a director of a co-op or as part of a garden maintenance team. Read how the Nundah Community Enterprise Co-operative secured a contract with the Brisbane City Council to maintain 30 parks across Brisbane.
  • Access secure and affordable housing
  • Manage a housing company, from set up to director to living in their own home. Let Paul take you on a tour of his home on the 1000 voices website.
  • Be writers and performers
  • Give something back to the community. Read Katalin’s volunteering story at the local vet on the Community Crew Hub Website.
  • Go adventuring
  • Get a driver’s licence. Read Rowdy Girl’s PowerPoint presentation on the 1000 voices website.
  • Sit on the CLA Board as a director
  • Save for a good quality car. Listen to Ian’s Car Case Study
  • As well as raise families, save money, maintain physical and mental health, form friendships, live alone or with other housemates, develop skills, speak publicly, achieve goals and … the list goes on.

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