Meet CLA

Meet CLA

Community Living Association (CLA) believes that all people have a right to be included in the community and to feel valued and able to share their gifts.

  • CLA believes relationships are central to creating community inclusion so are a key focus of our work.
  • CLA believes that inclusion takes many forms and many pathways so is willing to look at whatever it takes.
  • CLA works with families, young people, people with mental health issues and people with cognitive disabilities.
  • CLA is developmental, responses to people’s issues and involves them in finding the solutions.

I feel people feel listened, responded and gently challenged through my work. Community Living Association is a place that provides diverse experiences, opportunities, people and hopes.” Megumi, Staff Member

“It’s a great team of passionate people who dedicate themselves to supporting those in the community others may not even see, let along stop to say hello and find out more of their story.” Michael, Supporter

“Community Living Association gives us a hand and supports things I want to do. It’s like a big family.” Kylie, Constituent

Community Living Association Inc works with people with an intellectual or other cognitive Disability to:

1. Set up their own business

– Painting fences
– Mowing lawns
– Making biscuits – Listen to Aaron sharing his business story on the 1000 voices website.

2.  Produce poetry – listen to Charlie reading her own poems on the 1000 voices website.

3. Be a member of a workers co-operative and

– Work in a cafe

– Be part of the maintenance crew
– Be a director of the Co-op
– Visit the Nundah Community Enterprise Co-operative website

4. Have secure and affordable housing
5. Manage their own Housing Company; to be its Director and live in their own housing – listen to Paul telling us about his apartment on the 1000 voices website.

6. Be writers and performers
7. Find meaningful roles in the community – Read Katalin’s volunteering story at the local vet on the Community Crew Hub Website.

8. Go adventuring

9. Raise Families – visit the Strong Families Solar Project website.
10. Maintain physical and mental health
11. Save money
12. Get a driver’s license – Read the Powerpoint on the 1000 voices website made by one of our constituents, Rowdy Girl.
13. Form friendships
14. Develop skills
15. Live alone or with other housemates
16. Sit on the CLA Board as Directors
17. Speak publicly
18. Achieve learning goals
19. Save for a good quality car – Read Ian’s car case study