Community Living Association has been active in sponsoring the development of a range of community organisations; these include:

  • WWILD – Sexual Violence Prevention Service – originated with a group of women constituents of CLA called the WILD Women’s Group.
  • Nundah Community Centre – Developed through the work of CLA.
  • Inner Northern Community Housing and Redback Housing – Affordable housing organisations developed through CLA.

Community Living Association has retained formal links with two of the organisations it sponsored. These formal links are by means of a Memorandum of Understanding. These two organisations are:

Independent Youth Housing Organisation (IYHG Pty Ltd)

Independent Youth Housing Organisation (IYHG) is a unique not-for-profit company providing stable housing set up and run by people with an intellectual disability.

The company operates as a housing cooperative that is run and maintained by its members.

Community Living Program participants founded IYHG in 1989 as a way of addressing housing affordability issues, and the company currently has 11 properties and 15 members.

“This is a short film is about going through my unit, and filming different rooms of my unit. We filmed my lounge room, my kitchen, spare room, bathroom, backyard and a walk down the street. I hope you enjoy watching this film. Let’s hope there’s more to come!” Paul, IYHG Member

If you would like to know more about IYHG, you can contact CLA Co-ordinator Morrie O’Connor on (07) 3266 5633.

Nundah Community Enterprises Co-operative (NCEC Pty Ltd)

Established by fifteen people with intellectual disabilities NCEC pioneered the concept and practice of ‘social tendering’ by negotiating with Brisbane City Council in 2000 for the maintenance contract on three council parks.

NCEC now provides employment through its Parks Division and Café Division.

Click here to visit NCEC’s website.