Community Connections

Community Connections


Community Connections works alongside young people aged 12-18 years to address issues affecting their ability to stay at school or home and, where appropriate, offers support to their families, caregivers and friends. We offer a confidential and voluntary service, free of charge to young people and families. Support may be individual, family, group or project based and located in the inner-north Brisbane region.  The services are delivered through the the Reconnect program. (Department of Social Services), and in partnership with some schools in our local community through School Based Social Workers. Community Connections is also an Accredited Employing Authority for Student Welfare Workers (in primary schools) and for Youth Support Coordinators (in high schools).

“Community Connections helps me to know where I’m going and supports me when I need it. It’s made a big difference. I’ve noticed I’m thinking more wisely and feeling better.” Muini, Parent

“My first impression was it’s a fun, charismatic place. It is diverse – they do things with school kids but also with society, families and even their pets. They help people who feel a bit down and also train up the next generation of workers in the sector.” Michael, Supporter

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For more information about Community Connections, please contact us on (07) 3266 5199