Brisbane Emergency Response Outreach Service (BEROS) beros-image-2

BEROS (Brisbane Emergency Response Outreach Service) is a consortium service between Community Living Association (lead organisation) and Micah Projects, and is funded by Department of Communities Child Safety and Disability Services (Brisbane Region).

BEROS works with young people aged 12-18 years old who are in the care of Child Safety and are self-placing and are often sleeping rough and couch surfing. BEROS also often engage with young people who are still connected to a placement but are regularly absent from placement working alongside the young person’s Child Safety officer and placement to keep them connected to their placement and support them to safely return.

The service provides outreach case management to young people Monday to Friday 9am- 5pm. Working alongside young people, Child Safety and other key stakeholders to connect young people to safe and stable housing, increase safety and stability and support young people to access resources.

BEROS operates a BEROS street to home service 7 nights a week 6pm til midnight. BEROS STH engage in assertive outreach to ‘hotspots” known as areas young people frequent and sleep rough, respond to child safety after hours referrals, provide transports for young people back to placement or safe self-placing options, respond to young people in crisis and provide welfare checks and the provision of practical support.

BEROS also provide overnight support for up to 2 nights for young people who are self-placing. Overnight support workers are able to provide case work support to these young people and support young people to engage with the case management team upon handover the following day.

Referrals Monday to Friday 9am-5pm are made via a phone call to team leader Chloe- 0447 385 199. referrals can be made by anyone including Child Safety, the young person, other services, etc.

After 5pm to BEROS street to home: 3036 4444

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