Below is a slide show sharing what volunteers do in CLA. It contains some wonderful stories about our volunteers!

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“What surprised me most about my first encounter was how much they cared, and not just about the people they support. They asked an absolute myriad of questions, and when I met the woman I would be volunteering with it made perfect sense. The match couldn’t have been better. They somehow took my extensive range of hobbies and interests and paired me with a woman who fit with them. She was up for anything and we’ve been adventuring ever since.” Natalie, volunteer


Current Volunteering Opportunity

Apr 2014

Transition Mentor Program with ARROS

Individual volunteer

Individual Volunteers

Individual relationships are mutual, positive and respectful relationships that exist between constituents and community members and/or volunteers. Many individual relationships begin through our volunteer program.

Our program matches constituents with volunteers in terms of their personalities, hobbies, interests, and skills.


Group Volunteers

We support a wide range of community groups for people with and without an intellectual disability to come together for a common purpose or goal.

These groups help build networks and connections and combat isolation and loneliness as well as encourage constituents to contribute their thoughts and ideas as full members of their group.

If you would like to find out more about our volunteer program, please contact our Volunteer Co-coordinator Richard Warner on 3266 3788 or email volunteers@communityliving.org.au