Mental Health Project

Mental Health Project

CLP’s mental health Project provides additional support to people with a dual diagnosis (intellectual disability and mental health issue).

The Mental Health Project has produced the following resources and publications which can be downloaded from our resource site.

  • “I need to sort my head out” (contentRecommendation and acknowledgement): Mental Health & Well-Being in the lives of people with a learning difficulty: Report of the Dual Diagnosis Project (2002).
  • “Lose the Stress. You can Relax”: CD and cassettes for people wanting clear practical guidance to reduce stress and anxiety. Features easy muscle relaxation exercises that quickly and effectively shift stored up stress (Please contact us to obtain a copy of the CD).

Volunteer with the Mental Health Project

There are rewarding volunteer opportunities available now.

If you are interested in our volunteer program, phone 07 3266 5633 or enter your details below and click ‘get involved’.

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