Community Living Program

Community Living Program

Community Living Program works with people with a cognitive disability, their families and significant others who live in Brisbane’s northeast.

The team helps people to make connections in the community, address common issues with others, plan for the future, and find ways to make living in their own place more comfortable and safe.

“Community Living Program helps people save money, create dinner parties, meet new volunteers. If problems come up in my life I have someone to talk to. They have introduced me to volunteers who help me record things in my flower and bird book. They help me meet new people including volunteers, friends, and neighbours – these relationships are helping me widen my community.” Caroline, Constituent

“I don’t know where I would be without CLP. My outlook on life would be different. I could have mixed up with the wrong people. They make a difference to people. They help you realise your potential.” Craig, Constituent

“It provides help with family and boyfriend problems. It helps me to live independently.” Kelee, Constituent