CLP Practice Framework

CLP Practice Framework

C.L.P.’s service framework was developed in response to the key issues/themes articulated verbally and non-verbally by these C.L.P. constituents.

Safety and Security

Many of the young people with intellectual disabilities referred to C.L.P. had experienced abuse, exploitation and criminal victimisation in particular various forms of sexual and financial exploitation


All young people referred were dependent on Disability Support Pension, almost all unemployed, many with debts related to issue of money management, housing affordability issues and lack of skills in literacy and numeracy.

Physical Wellbeing

Ouy bodies can bring us pleasure but also pain. On many fronts we engage in an ongoing struggle between healthy choices and not so healthy choices. Nutrition, exercise, substances and hygiene. Sometime the harder life is the more we are pushed towards unhealthy options.

Mental Wellbeing

Contact with mental health systems was high and anxiety and depression common. Psychosis and post traumatic disorders often linked to sexual assaults or other exploitations.


Young people referred often lacked any supportive adult relationships due to coming from care or families that had fractured and lack of supportive relationships also opened up possibility of exposure to exploitative relationships.

Being, Doing and becoming

Being happy with who you are, getting joy out of doing, feeling that you are a valued member of society, that your contributions are valued by others, the opportunity for change, development and to continue becoming.