Bequest to Village Housing

Bequest to Village Housing

For information about making a bequest or to find out more about how we use financial contributions, please do not hesitate to contact Community Living on (07) 3266 5633.

We have included our recommended wording for making a bequest below:

Recommended Bequest Wording

Our recommended form of Bequest Wording for either a specific gift or a residual gift is:

“I give and bequeath (choose one of the following) ..the sum of $_____ (or property, shares etc.).. OR ..the residue of my estate both real and personal.. to (insert beneficiary), Queensland, to be applied for their general charitable purposes and in respect of such bequest, I declare as follows:

A general charitable intent shall apply;

The receipt of their Chief Executive Officer, Treasurer or other proper officer shall be sufficient discharge to my executors and trustees;

My executors and trustees shall not be obliged to see nor enquire into the application of money or assets, the subject of such legacy.”