In 1987 a group of young people with disabilities, their parents and professional supporters established Community Living Association Inc (CLA). The history of CLA has been to build a community inclusive of young people with disabilities and young people at risk.


A community of:

• Fun and creativity

• Work, roles and achievements

• Mutual support and collective endeavour

• Sustainability

• Home

• Learning and Research

• Policy and Individual Advocacy

Our community is:

• The physical place of Nundah

• The relationships that exist in that place

• The share opportunities created by everyone involved

• The mutual engagement around community held issues

[testimonial author=”Ruth” avatar=”http://www.communityliving.org.au//wp-content/uploads/2013/07/sla-photo-community-ruth.png” ]My favourite thing about CLA is that everyone is valued; staff, young people, constituents; everyone has something to contribute and opportunities are created to share this with others.[/testimonial]