Community Living Program Groups (Peoples Organization)

Community Living Program Groups (Peoples Organization)

Community Living Program runs or supports a number of groups that help build networks and connections and combat isolation and loneliness. These groups encourage constituents to contribute their thoughts and ideas as full members of their group. And because these groups belong to their members, we call them “Peoples Organizations”.


4 Us Savings Group

“We are a group of people who get together to support each other to save money for our individual goals. We meet once a fortnight on a Friday afternoon.

“The group started in 2001 and there are currently 13 members. The group is interested in welcoming new members.

“Kerri is a member and one of her first impression of the group was that everyone was friendly and made her feel at ease.

“The group says that it helps them to be able to save for things that they really want. JoAnn and Jean saved for a big holiday. Carolyn has been able to go on lots of cruises. MJ bought furniture for her unit. Ali saved for a brand new fridge. Kerri said that it helps her not to spend money on frivolous things.

“We are a group of happy people who love to celebrate our saving achievements together.”



Adventure-Holiday Group

The Adventure-Holiday Group’s aim is to try new things and enable its members to go on camps and other outings they would not experience otherwise. The group meets once a month to make decisions about what they would like to do and where they would like to go.

Volunteer and community members support the group by driving; providing enthusiasm, encouragement and ideas; and supporting other group members.

“The Adventure-Holiday Group is always ready for a good laugh and welcomes people who are unique. It’s a place for people to interact with others when they might not have many chances. It helps to bring people out of their shell, make new friends, try new experiences, and feel more confident.”